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About Green Signal Stocks
Green Signal Stocks is focused entirely on developing predictions that analyze profit from stock market price changes. Green Signal Stocks opens a new era in forecasting stock prices and provides important features that cannot be found in other technical analysis software:
  1. It provides you with a price target at a given time range (e.g. 12, 24, 48 days).
  2. It updates its forecast daily and will tell you exactly when to buy or sell.
  3. It will provide you with a forecast range (low - high) with 95% confidence level, which can be used for accurate stop loss and profit taking when the stock reaches the lower or upper range of the forecast.
  4. The program has full transparency since it provides you with detailed historical accuracy for each stock forecast. Before you invest, you will know exactly what your profit or loss would have been based on the program's recommendations for 1-3 months and for a full year.
  5. It provides you with the ability to test the recommendation before you make your investment decision.
The company developed out of our perceived need of an objective method for investing in the stock market. Present methods of technical analysis (e.g. chart reading, moving averages, head and shoulder patterns) are highly subjective and most often do not produce a clear buy and sell decision.
Our chief scientist realized that existing methods of investment lack any sound statistical theory. Because of our experience in developing complex models for predicting human purchasing behavior and econometric models, we were able to develop several models that together comprise The returns using this program were 40-50% per year.
We recommend that you use Green Signal Stocks as part of your investment strategy. You should continue to complete your own due diligence on each company in which you plan to invest and then use the model to verify your own research and give guidance as to the future direction of your chosen stock. Please read how to use the model for more information. We are so confident that you will find this site so indispensable to your investment strategy that we are willing to offer you a free 7-day trial to try us out.
Our Chief Scientist
Our cheif scientist holds two Masters degrees and a PhD from the University of Illinois. He has been developing predictive statistical models for use by large corporate clients for over 15 years including Reader's Digest, Barnes & Noble, Condé Nast, Trump Plaza Casino, and BMG. These models have been applied in the areas of direct marketing, CRM and for the development of marketing strategies. He continues to consult for several of these clients through his firm Data Miner Maximizer ( He has taught courses in Statistics and Quantitative Methods at the University of Haifa, Tel Aviv University, Concordia University and McGill University. He continues to lecture to universities and professional associations on his models in direct marketing. He has also written for statistics textbooks and has published over 20 articles in professional and academic journals including Research Methods and Instrumentation, The Journal of Market Research, Statistics Canada, Survey Research Methods, Advances in Consumer Research, and the American Statistical Association.
Our chief scientist has been advising several high net worth investors for the last several years on appropriate investments for their portfolio through the use of Green Signal Stocks.
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GreenSignalStocks is a statistical forecasting program designed to help investors in making their investment decisions. It does not provide specific recommendations to buy or sell any particular stocks. It only provides an objective statistical evaluation of stock prices and movements. Past historical accuracy of stock price predictions is no guarantee for future success. Investment decisions made by the users of the website do so at their own and sole risk.
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